Machine Light by Frank Buchwald

Designed by Frank Buchwald’s, the Machine Lights collection is comprised of 12 steampunk lamp designs that are handmade in extremely limited quantities .The body of the lamp is made of raw brass and steel, which are hand burnished to create a unique antique black and brown hue.

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It is definitely an unusual piece. It doesn’t look at all like a functional piece, much less like a lamp. Lamps are usually simple, maybe with some colorful decorations incorporated. These lamps are nothing but unusual and original. I have to say they look very masculine. I can’t imagine a woman having something like that in her home, unless it’s her boyfriend’s or husband’s. It’s definitely a boy’s toy. So if you’re having trouble finding an appropriate gift for a friend, you might like to consider this option because it’s not something that you see very day. He will definitely appreciate it.


The name of this piece is very suggestive. The Machine light… it sounds so manly. The idea is very interesting and the design is also spectacular. It’s too bad there are just a few models and they come in such small quantities. However, the fact that they are so rare and hard to find makes them even more interesting. Good luck trying to find one.