Luxury Swisstouches Hotel in China by Hirsch Bedner Associates

Switzerland has always been a country where people have found everything they have wanted. High quality, peacefulness, privacy, fresh air, wonderful natural surroundings is what every person is looking for here. All these items refer to the conditions of a normal life but where high quality, refined style and exquisite tastes have the last word.

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The famous design firm, Hirsch Bedner Associates was required to bring a part of the specific style of what means Switzerland. They created the Swisstouches brand concept which became the inspiration for this Swisstouches luxury Hotel, located in Xi’an city, China. The location is not chosen by chance because Xi’an is a historical and industrial city which attracts many tourists and business people.

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Thus the Swiss contemporary style was adapted to Swisstouches property although the traditional Swiss elements were also present.Even from the entry the guests will be amazed by the large white floor and white stone rectangular columns, a stone and glass piece used for reception, lovely interior stairs that look suspended as they are supported by steel cables.

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The hotel has 318 modern rooms, a great two-story spa, several food and beverage outlets where everybody can relax and enjoy the luxury services. The Swisstouches Café is an interesting place too, where there is a wall of European beers and wines.If you are fan of noodles, the Noodle Bar is the perfect place for you. Here there are served more than 150 different types of noodles, so that you will definitely get your favorite type.All these things and many others can be admired at Swisstouches Hotel in China.