Luxury Outdoor Furniture from Roberti Rattan

Traditional combinations of wicker with rattan, has been responsible of a whole new collection of outdoor furniture, that takes advantage of almost five decades of research and improvements on what materials to use, for creating your own little piece of paradise.

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The furniture can be used outdoors as well as in doors, in lounges, living rooms, but also gardens. through use of aluminum and polyethylene optimal protection against extreme weather conditions is guaranteed, and so are the tables, that are constructed from solid teak wood, that was made to last, but also to be pleasing to the human eye. The luxury furniture, requires almost no maintenance, and can be left outside, even during the winter months.

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The Greenfield collection, was created to provide class, to any living area, indoors or outside, and was created to be durable, with 50 years of innovation, to draw from.