Luxury Kensington Penthouse Interior Design

Many people have spacious apartments in London, but many of them are dully decorated, and you have the feeling like you have seen them many times before. This beautiful penthouse which can be found in London, England was designed by Staffan Tollgard, an alumni of the prestigious Inchbald School of Design. The neutral background chosen by architect was emphasized by bold orange tones, in contrast with all the furniture and decorations.

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The living area, with the living and dining room is decorated with modern gray furniture, a detail which makes the difference in a space with dark tones floors and tall, bright ceilings. The whole house focuses on the enhancement of the light. In most of the rooms we can see shiny finishes that reflect light, to make the space look bigger and also brighter. I love how those cold materials used everywhere don’t look cold at all in this particularly setting.

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Everything is elegant with bursts of modernism from place to place accompanied by decorative lighting and straight lines. A lot of contemporary art pieces and furniture are galleried in a sleek architectural framework. Materials like glass, walnut and natural stone add depth and tremendous amount of value to the revitalized living facility. I didn’t mentioned that this wonderful house consists of a lobby, a very large living and dining area, guest cloakroom , 3 bedrooms, 2 dressing rooms, 3 bathrooms, a home cinema chamber and a very nice balcony for the master bedroom, not to mention the stunning view  over the surroundings.