Luxury Italian Fireplaces from Savio Firmino

You’ve seen earlier some examples of modern fireplaces that could help you save some space and energy. Now it’s time for a classic fireplace which comes from Savio Firmino. Their designs are simple but elegant and they are cheaper than the new ones. Palazzetti partnered with Savio Firmino made some luxurious classic fireplaces.


It can be matched both with classical and contemporary furnishing. The pictures below showcase one of their creations that spell intricate workmanship and elegant design. Great dimensions lend their enormity that makes the fireplace distinct and noteworthy.


camino-grande-a-fronte-582x707View in gallery

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Although modern fireplaces are very attractive and they have all sorts of features and details, there is nothing like sitting in a chair near a traditional fireplaces and watching the wood burn and crack.That sound can’t be obtained with a modern fireplace that doesn’t even use wood. It’s a priceless feeling. It’s worth to give up a little space just for those moments alone.{also found on 1 and 2}