Comfort And Luxury In A Tiny House Format

It’s not very often that we get to see a tiny house on wheels that manages to incorporate so many features into under its small shell. That makes the Alpha Tiny House an exception worth analyzing. It’s the creation of a studio called New Frontier Tiny Homes.

Alpha Tiny House side viewView in gallery

The house measures 7.3 x 2.6 meters (24 x 8.6 ft) and sits on a custom trailer. It has a total floor space of 22 square meters (240 sq ft) which is not a lot by any standards. But in this tiny space the manufacturers managed to include a lot of features some of which are quite luxurious and not at all something you’d expect to find in such a small trailer house.

Alpha Tiny House small porchView in gallery

Alpha Tiny House porch seatingView in gallery

The exterior of the house is clad in two types old cedar wood. The roof is made of metal and has a gentle slope and one can enter inside through large sliding glass doors. But there’s more. A lot of similar structures usually also feature a sort of small porch or deck.

Alpha Tiny House closed off porch wall

Alpha Tiny House entranceView in gallery

This one is no different. The wall opposite to the glass doors opens up in a way similar to a garage door. It forms a small open porch that expends the floor space and offers users the opportunity to enjoy the surroundings.

Alpha Tiny House glass doorsView in gallery

But in order to fully understand what makes this tiny house so special we need to go indoors. The living space occupies the center of the house. The design is very interesting because this space had to be modular and designed in a way that doesn’t let it obstruct the access to the other areas.

Alpha Tiny House central spaceView in gallery

Alpha Tiny House central space and porchView in gallery

As a result, the designers came up with an ingenious idea. They created a platform and raised the kitchen on it. Inside the platform they put a large table and two benches. When wanting to use the space as a lounge area, a couple of chairs and a side table can be placed there. When a dining area is needed, a table for eight people and two bench seats can be pulled out from under the platform.

Alpha Tiny House dining areaView in gallery

Alpha Tiny House interiorView in gallery

A pull-out custom ladder is also stored there. It can be used to access the loft bedroom which sits on top of the bathroom, where the roof is a bit higher up. It has a king-size bed, two wall-mounted sconces and a set of shelves that hold books and personal items. The wooden ceiling creates a really cozy atmosphere.

Alpha Tiny House bath and bedroomView in gallery

Alpha Tiny House sleeping areaView in gallery

The bathroom occupies the space under the bedroom loft. Here’s where things get interesting. The bathroom has a full-size Jacuzzi tub, a shower, a composting toilet and there’s even enough space here for a washer and dryer combo. The interior is simple, with white tiled walls, a wooden floor and white ceiling.

Alpha Tiny House bathroom tubView in gallery

Alpha Tiny House bathroom toiletView in gallery

Alpha Tiny House bathroom washer and dryerView in gallery

The kitchen occupies the opposite end of this tiny house and sits on top of the storage platform. The window wall is covered in reclaimed barn wood and three wooden crates offer storage just under the ceiling.

Alpha Tiny House kitchen plantersView in gallery

Alpha Tiny House kitchen windowsView in gallery

Alpha Tiny House kitchen storage cratesView in gallery

There’s enough room in the kitchen for a fridge, a large farmhouse sink, lower cabinetry for storage, a five burner induction stove top and a mini dishwasher. Three small windows let in lots of natural light and offer views of the surroundings.

Alpha Tiny House kitchen sinkView in gallery

Alpha Tiny House kitchen stove topView in gallery

This tiny house has everything necessary for comfortable living. It’s even wired up for standard electrical hookup and has a tankless propane hot water heater. A mini-split HVAC ensures proper ventilation and a comfortable ambient temperature inside.

Alpha Tiny House kitchen induction top

Alpha Tiny House kitchen dishwasherView in gallery

With a mobile house like this one you can spend your vacations in style without depending on expensive hotels and resorts. It’s the perfect way of exploring secluded areas and enjoying nature without giving up comfort.