Luxury Beauty & Essex Restaurant

If you look for Beauty & Essex done by Stanton Social, you will definitely find it the corner of Stanton & Essex. The building has a modern facade, but people say that you should not be here, unless you have something to pawn off. It is located in an old furniture store on the streets of the Lower East Side.

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There are many elements which make this place a spectacular one, such as: the grand foyer, where people can admire a beautiful circular staicase, a luxurious chandelier which has the role of making you feel that you are in a special place; the first floor dining room seems to invite you to a party and, at the same time, makes you rememorate in your mind the party scene from the famous novel “Great Gatsby”.

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The interesting form of the ceiling, the drawings on the walls, the carved wood panels, the natural light which makes a pleasant impression, the elegant pieces of furniture, the different ornaments, everything contributes to renew this environment and make it more pleasant and attractive.

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The sensation of  harmony is given not only by the existing objects, but also by the colors which were carefully chosen. The materials used offer both simplicity and complexity to  a space which succeeded to survive and become modern.