Luxury Apartment Block Built To Resemble A Contemporary House

It’s usually very easy to distinguish a private house or residence from an apartment block. However, sometimes things aren’t that simple. Take this building for example. It looks like a large contemporary house when it’s in fact an apartment block. It was intentionally designed this way in order to create a sense of comfort and to make the structure stand out.

Moondance apartment block glazed facadeView in gallery

Moondance apartment block facade at sunsetView in gallery

This was a project by David James Architects & Associates, a studio focused on offering practical and customized bespoke designs unique to every project. Each project is tailored to suit the conditions on the site. The award-winning practical has experience with both traditional and contemporary styles.

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Moondance apartment block sunset viewView in gallery

In the case of the Moondance project, a contemporary approach was chosen. The building is located in Dorset, England. It contains only three individual apartments, all featuring luxurious designs. All the apartments offer panoramic views of Poole Harbour and Brownsea Island.

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Each apartment was designed to look and feel like an individual bespoke house, the main idea behind the entire project being to offer a distinctive residential living experience within an apartment block, which is not very common. Moreover, the building as a whole was designed to look like a contemporary mansion.

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All three apartments take maximum advantage of all the available natural light. This is possible thanks to the large windows and glass walls as well as the simple and open layout featured inside each apartment. Extensive glazing brings the outdoors in and establishes a strong dialogue between the interior living spaces and the views and surroundings.

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Oversized sliding glass doors connect the internal spaces and the outdoor terraces, exposing the interior to the surroundings and the environment and creating a nice flow between the interior and exterior zones.

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Each apartment has three double bedrooms, each with its own en-suite bathroom. They offer panoramic views while enjoying plenty of privacy. Long curtains close off the space and block the light when needed while also adding a warm touch to the décor through their color and texture. The master bedroom also has an additional bespoke dressing room.

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The penthouse apartment stands out and not just because of its size or layout. The interior spaces are divided by frameless glass walls. This is the case of the dining space, the master bedroom and the study. This ensures a seamless transition between the spaces and an overall airy and fresh décor that allows natural light to enter all the rooms.

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The interior design is classy, elegant and modern. The kitchens are spacious and can function and separate spaces but can also be looked at in relation to the social spaces. The color palettes are neutral and well-balanced, including shades of white, beige, gray and blue. The chromatic palette was intentionally kept simple in order to make the most of the views and to allow them to become a part of the interior décor.

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All the apartments feature smart lighting, thermostatic and audio/ visual control. They were designed for modern living and offer their inhabitants a practical and comfortable living environment.

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Moondance apartment block studyView in gallery

The apartment block is also energy-efficient, featuring photovoltaic panels, high thermal performance and very efficient insulation throughout.

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