Luxurious Villa Embraces The Beauty Of The Italian Riviera

Harmony is what defines most modern houses and villas. The desire to become more connected to our surroundings and embracing nature is becoming stronger and stronger with each project architects and designers such as NG-Studio have to interpret this relationship in ways that make each client happy.

Villa in Bordighera outdoor deckView in gallery

The studio is formed of a group of young ambitious professionals for whom the delicate interplay of modern technology and space is one of the most important factors that define a project. The spaces they design are characterized by discreet luxury and it’s easy to see that in the case of this villa in Bordighera, Italy.

Villa in Bordighera outdoor poolView in gallery

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The interior design of a space forms emotions and affects the quality of life of those using it and, given these considerations, this particular villa is a pure and delicate home which emphasizes comfort and functionality in a very beautiful way.

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Villa in Bordighera living room seating

The architects and designers wanted to bring nature inside the house and to make the beautiful Italian Riviera a part of the décor. Everything had to be done in a harmonious manner hence the overall chromatic palette.

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Villa in Bordighera kitchenView in gallery

Both the interior and exterior spaces are defined by colors inspired by the sand, stone, sea and lush greenery. These colors became the background for all the elements of interior design. A large exterior deck showcases the idea of harmony really well, featuring a sunken swimming pool with a smooth and organic form and a small zen garden that seems to complete it perfectly.

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A framed lounge area is partially suspended above the deck, overlooking the expansive view of the surroundings and being surrounded by a lush green lawn and natural colors. Both the interior and exterior spaces were designed with a touch of discreet luxury and don’t include unnecessary elements.

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The interior is defined by a toned down palette of colors which includes shades of beige with turquoise and brown accents and a white backdrop featured by the stylish living room and all the other spaces Everything is subordinated to functionality. Of course, this doesn’t diminish comfort in any way. Once again, it’s all about balance.

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The designers created an effective and stylish storage system for the house, maintaining the simplicity of the décor. A series of open shelves, concealed compartments and built-in spaces take care of any storage needs for all the interior spaces.

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The design approach for this project was an interesting one. The studio looked for a way to integrate the furniture and other design elements into the architecture of the villa. This resulted into a harmonious and functional composition.

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Although the chromatic palette is restrained and neutral for the most part, the spaces don’t lack character. The dining area, for example, features a modern and chic chandelier with an abstract and eye-catching form and design.

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A graceful staircase connects the social zone to the private volume. The master bedroom is a very peaceful and tranquil space, with long curtains that match the light brown accent wall and the bedding. Two stylish pendant lamps hang above the nightstands, framing the bed.

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A wardrobe with a geometric design ensures a suitable storage area for the room, containing everything within a compact and elegant unit. A minimalist door reveals the master bathroom where an oval freestanding tub is facing a small terrace.

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The other bathrooms are also infused with natural beauty. The turquoise mosaic wall and the wooden accents give them the touch of glamor and style they need to match the rest of the villa.

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As a whole, this is one of the most inspiring and relaxing retreats one can dream of. The best part about it is the simplicity and the lack of unnecessary accessories, furniture and functions.