Luxurious Thailand Retreat:Villa Mia

Villa Mia is a very beautiful and luxurious retreat located in Thailand. There are many such places all over the world and even in the same region. However, this one manages to distinguish itself from them with its unique design. The villa was organized arounc a central swimming pool and this makes it indeed unique.

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The villa’s architecture was inspired by the Balinese style found in many pavilions. These are usually built around a central courtyard. In the case of this villa, the courtyard is a very large pool. To some extent in resembles a moat. It’s an unusual and original idea. The entrance pavilion of this villa is facing the ocean. To the right there’s a large garage and to the left there’s a fitness room and a staff quarters. One of the volumes includes an open-plan kitchen along with the dining and living area.

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A doorway leads out to a covered Thai-style kitchen. There are two main pavilions on either side of the swimming pool. They include the living and the sleeping areas. The first bedroom has views directly to the pool. It includes a central walkway that leads to a luxurious bathroom with doors opening to a private outdoor courtyard. This area is filled with beautiful tropical plants, stone sculptures and wooden decking as well as an oversized terrazzo bathtub.

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There are two more bedrooms in each of the pavilions. There’s a master bedroom located in a separate pavilion that has access to the garden. The five-bedroom Mia Vila is a stunning retreat, both soothing and impressive. It’s available for rent all year long for a minimum of three nights.