Luxurious Residence by Zoltan E. Pali from 1654 Blue Jay Way

If you want a house with amazing views to float over the lights of LA, with spaceship views from downtown to the Pacific, check the Zoltan E. Pali design in a residence on the most famous bird street, 1654 Blue Jay Way.This luxury house was sold for 9.600.000$. Because the house is located on a hill in the vicinity of Los Angeles, California, actually on a pretty steep angle (about 45degrees), its architecture needs to compensate for the inclination and adjusts the house design so as to look straight and also have a great view.

Luxurious Residence by Zoltan E. Pali from 1654 Blue Jay WayView in gallery

The house ranges on four levels, which offers a fantastic scenery over the surrounding area. The building is a concrete structure that covers two levels and includes a fully equipped suit that means living areas, a garage, a room or better said hall where you can view your favourite movies, a gym for your muscles and physical tone and even a disco lounge and a wine cellar.

The outdoor pool is the perfect mirror for the upper part of the house that covers the master bedroom, with a comfortable sitting room and a terrace with a great view over down town Los Angeles.