Luxurious penthouse in Vienna by Loebell Architects

This beautiful penthouse apartment is located in Vienna, Austria. It’s a two-storey single family residence that was built in 2012. The penthouse has a luxurious and stylish interior that des created by Loebell Architects. They were the one to choose all the furniture and the ones who also optimized the floor plan.

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The apartment is functionally structures and it benefits from a contemporary and very elegant interior design. The living room area has large windows that offer views over the cupolas of the Museum of Natural History. This area shares an open floor plan with the dining room. The living room from the lower level was designed, on the client’s request, in an Art Nouveau style. It was decorated with tones of brown and gold. These shades fill the whole room, from the walls to the floor and the furniture and accessories.

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The walls of the living room and those from the kitchen were painted beige. Also, the kitchen had been decorated with beige furniture and working areas and it’s been complemented by stainless steel appliances. On the lower level of the apartment, the kitchen is facing the courtyard. On the upper level there’s another living room, this time designed specifically for the parents. Next to it it’s the parent’s bedroom. In addition, on the same level there’s also a winter garden. It has floor-to-ceiling glass walls that allow you to admire the surroundings while also letting in natural light. The penthouse is very stylish, with an elegant and luxurious interior.{pics by Franz Ebner}.