Luxurious DIY Leather Ottoman

Usually DIY projects are really easy to be done. They do not take too much time, they make you feel a useful person, make you become an eco friend and they are quite cheap. These are the usual benefits from these DIY projects and they can easily charm you to put them into practice.

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Take for example this DIY Leather Ottoman. If you think of this project you might think that it is hard to do, take you a lot of time and can be even expensive. For the contrary, for $50 and an easy work you can do a really great and comfortable DIY Leather Ottoman that will look luxurious and will make your relaxing moments more pleasant.Here are the materials you need: wood glue, wood stain, and poplar wood, natural bristle chip brush, old leather jacket (a big one), furniture straps, quilter’s thread, leather needle, fiber fill, canvas. You may also need some tools like: chop saw, nail gun, drill, staple gun, sewing machine, and scissors.

When you select the jacket, pick one that has broad shoulders and few seams. Cut all the leather into pieces and stitch together like a crazy quilt. If you are concerned that you will not have enough leather buy two jackets with complementary colors.

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To build the frame start by 1×3 poplar and cut edges on a miter to make a box. Cut two more pieces and insert into the frame. Use a nail gun and wood glue to secure the pieces.Attach the legs to the frame by using wood glue, nails and screws. Predrilled the hole for the screws to that you do not split the wood.

Now you can attach the furniture straps for support. You can buy this material by the yard at most fabric stores or just pick up a tie-down strap at the hardware store.Stain and seal the wood. You may use some oil stain.Now sew your leather into a cushion and stuff with fiber fill.{found on gustoflight}