Luxurious Chandelier for Your Crib

Nowadays chandeliers and other hanging lamps are designed to fit into almost any décor from luxurious hotels and restaurants to homes. Chandeliers are  the most expensive fixtures as we know, that people can invest their money in, especially in making their homes, or offices, more aesthetically pleasing and extravagant.

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The Chandeliers from Pottery Barn are available from 150$. All chandeliers are meant to be impressive because of their size and because they originate in a time of luxury – back in the France of Louis XIII and they really are luxurious, especially if they come with crystals and expensive metal. Any way, what I like most about these chandeliers from Pottery Barn is the fact that their design is very nice and tries to keep them as close to natural as possible.

For example the model in the first picture is full of little “twigs” and the whole picture seems like a tree in bloom. That is why the hanging chandeliers shown here have a brownish support which makes them similar to real wood. Classy and refined, these chandeliers have a lot of style.