Expensive Casa Casuarina in Miami Beach

Casa Casuarina is a very beautiful property located at 1116 Ocean Drive, Miami Beach, Florida, United States, 33139. It’s the most well-known property on South Beach so it’s a star in the area. Moreover, it’s known worldwide for its elegance and beautiful style. The property is currently on the market at the price of $125,000,000.

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Originally, the property was built in 1930 by architect, philanthropist, author and political reformer Alden Freeman. It covers a total area of 19,000 square feet and it’s impressive both in terms of size and style. The property has a very rich history and lots of interesting stories to tell and it continues to be of great interest to those who appreciate elegance.

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It was originally designed as a homage to the oldest house in the western hemisphere, the “Alcazar de Colon” from Santo Domingo. However, the property was bought by Jacques Amsterdam in 1937, after the architect’s death and it was then renamed “The Amsterdam Palace”.

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The history continues when it 1992 the property was bought by Gianni Versace who expanded it by creating the south wing, the pool and the garden area. Finally, Casa Casuarina was bought by Peter Loftin, its current owner, in 2000. Now this expansive property is looking for a new owner. It has 10 bedrooms, 11 bathrooms, a mosaic pool lined in 24-karat gold and many beautiful statues and frescoes that have been preserved. It’s indeed a very luxurious property with great potential.