Lux Lamp from Lighthouse

Lighting is very important to a room: it can reveal the best in it or it can make it remain unnoticed if you use an improper lighting system. Even the most beautifully decorated room will remain unknown and unappreciated if the light is too low and dim. Any way – here is a great lighting device or rather a combination of lamps of different colours that you can use to give a unique atmosphere to your living room. The Lux lamp from Lighthouse is now available in 13 colours, so you have a wide variety to choose from.

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These lamps are amazing, as they are cylindrical or square and cast the light from both sides. You can place them on the ceiling, but also on the walls and arrange a real light show, as they rotate 360 degrees. The guys from Lighthouse, which is a company from Iceland, are responsible for both designing and manufacturing the Lux lamp. As usual, the simple things are the best. I might love to see a twelve arms chandelier in the pictures, but I would like to have a Lux lamp in my home.

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