Luis Bustamante’s stylish, symmetrical, classical and modern interiors

Each architect, each interior designer or decorator has his own style. Some prefer the vintage touches and their charm, others like to work with clean and modern lines and others like to play with colors. For Luis Bustamante the list of elements that define his work is quite long. The Madrid-based interior designer had an earlier career of sculptor and painter and these details definitely influence his work now.

Luis bustamante design2

If you take a look at some of the designer’s creations you’ll notice that they all have the same flair, the same elegance and beauty and are defined by the same elements. These interiors are a very beautifully balance between symmetry, classicism, modern and dramatic. The symmetry is probably the most striking feature and it’s easy to observe. Everywhere you look, everything is very carefully organized and displayed.

Luis bustamante design9

Luis bustamante design

Luis bustamante design1

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Symmetry is usually seen in artwork and the way it’s displayed. You can see that the designer loves using sculptures and wall art in his projects. He also likes a color palette that includes simple and pure colors such as black, white, red and you rarely see secondary colors being used. Another element that defines the designer’s work is the use of stripes. Whether they’re bold and striking or subtle and chic, they’re almost always present.

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Also, notice that all these interior designs are very clean, airy and very bright but they are also very elegant and very inviting at the same time.It’s a very beautiful and pleasant combination. The designer uses few focal points and accent features but those that are included in the décor are always very carefully positioned and spread throughout the room. The attention to detail is thus a very important factor that determines the overall décor. It’s visible that the designer also has a great eye for balance.