Low Modular Coffee Table

The low modular coffee table is design by Kees Marcelis. This piece of furniture is perfectly made for your interior design. The modular coffee table has a modern design, a design that will make your living room look like a beautiful living space. You can also use the table outdoor, maybe on your terrace where it will bring a calm touch to the surroundings. The low modular coffee table is called the ‘Stone’ because it looks like a big stone, a stone that is shaped beautifully.

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The table is made from four identical pieces. Each peace is asymmetric, but all together they form a whole beautiful table. It has a great relaxing look, a table where you can enjoy a coffee and a cigarette. Every individual peace is made from layers of wood. The layers of wood are arranged gradually, this gives the table its remarkable shape.

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The dimensions of the table are W 120 cm x L 120 cm x H 30 cm. The table is very big and fits your living space. It goes well with a sofa in your living room. The artistic form of the table could be used only for decoration. It goes very well with decorative items like a flower or a picture etc. The table surface is made from a durable material. The material will have no problems with the daily usage, it is insusceptible to liquids, temperature or discoloration.