Lovely TV Room Remodel

Remodels are very difficult projects. Taking on an upgrade is a daring move, but when you are finished the results brush away every unpleasant memory. With a lot of hard work and passion, this outdated TV room is now the perfect place to sit back, relax and enjoy a movie with family and friends.

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If you just bought a house and want to remodel it, then you have to make it showcase your personality and disposition. As you can see this room was a dull space that lacked beauty and functionality. After painting the walls in a deep shade of blue paint, hanging some paintings on the wall and bringing in new, modern furnishings, this place got a sophisticated feel. After a few month of waiting for their new custom sectional, the owners can say that the room is done.

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Lovely TV room remodel2

They also brought in their old glass Craigslist coffee table, a media console and a TV. The only things they didn’t change about the room where the color of the ceiling, the carpet and the blinds. The space is quite balanced, not too bright and not too dark, fulfilling the needs of the owners. All in all, this TV room is a beautiful place that got what it deserved. What do you think?{found on apartmenttherapy}.