Grace Pendant Lamp

When I was little I dreamed I was sleeping on a cloud. And when I grew up, I really did. I actually slept over the clouds, when I was on a plane. But the feeling I get when I’m with my head in the clouds, literally or not, is great. But the feeling I had when I was small and when I loved clouds still sticks to my head. So when I first saw this Grace Pendant Lamp I stopped for a moment and I remembered that moment in my past. And I felt great again. This pendant light does remind you of a cloud and it has a really interesting design.

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This lamp was designed by Jean-Marie Massaud and is all but usual. It immediately draws attention first because of its irregular shape that makes it resemble more a cloud than a lamp. Then it is made of an unconventional and eco material – paper. It is actually a very light recyclable material Tyvek® that is shaped like a cloud-like pod. It seems to be floating in the atmosphere rather than being suspended on a chord. It is a pendant light, so it is pending from a yellow chord from the ceiling. The light inside it is diffuse, but very warm and it offers you an interesting option if you are simply tired of the so common designs.