Lovely house by night diy project

This extraordinary DIY project is just what you need when you would like to be constructive and spare some time. This is a town in the nighttime, a little town for your little city machete. Claire from Fellow Fellow comes with an idea that can easy help you to make this beautiful mini town creation. So first of all you will need very good pictures of houses to make this work. The thing is that the picture should be taken from the front of the house, because it will ease your work. You could take one from the internet or from a magazine whatever you like.

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To start this mini town experience you will need: image of a building, sticky tape, knife, battery operated tea light and one pair of fain scissors. You will have to cut around the top of the house to start the job (outline the top of the house). If you wish you can trim away any areas that you don’t like in your picture. After this you will use your knife to cut out the windows of the buildings so that light will pass through. Careful because you can destroy your image, it is better to press the knife then to drag around the window.

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Now you have to role the pictures into cylinders and tape it like that. Now you will have to wait for the dark. When the dark come, and then use the battery operated tea light. This is quite beautiful don’t you think? Good luck!.