Lovely Glass Facade House Featuring A Solid Style

The ‘Casa G residence’ is designed by Gudmundur Jonsson Architect. The residence design is inspired from the outdoor landscape. It has a massive wooden wall that looks like the house could capture inter-planetary conversations. The residence is design in solid modern style.The wooden wall has just one window, on the ground floor, that lets the sunlight enter the place. Brown color combination transforms the place into a warm one, while lights shine all over the place because of the huge windows.

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The residence is built in the middle of nowhere, giving it a strong state. The surroundings are great just splendid. You should take the time to take a walk, or climb the near mountains.

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The house has two floors, the ground floor and the upper floor. The ground floor has a living area where you can chat with your business mates. The furniture is very close to the windows that is making reading more pleasant. On the ground floor we also have a piano, in the great black non-color, which shares his sounds throughout the place. The connection between the ground floor and the upper floor is made by a set of stairs that are just right for the place with glass on both sides. The upper floor has a great glass balcony, where in the afternoon you can enjoy a relaxing cocktail and chat with your beloved friends.