Lovely Family House by Studio Pha

Prague-based Studio Pha has created a wonderful house in Klokočná, a scenic village in the Prague-East district. Making sure they have an easy site to work with, the architects designed this lovely house as an efficient, modern home that will give its inhabitants the life they deserve.

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The house has an unique and clear charm, different from nowadays homes. The architects chose a design that is a modern phenomenon within itself and offers the house a traditional, yet beautiful and interesting edge. This elegant home has an old-fashioned pebbled path and is surrounded by a lovely green garden. Moreover the wood deck enhances the traditional feel, while giving the clients the possibility to sit back, relax and enjoy the sun outside.

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The interior presents a sleek, clean design that shows off all the elements. It offers you an open plan living, dining areas and kitchen. The living area has a gorgeous fireplace that is the focal point in the room, also providing a cozy atmosphere to the space. Although the interior enhances the rustic, traditional feel, the kitchen presents some modern multifunctional and multitasking stainless steel appliances.

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Studio Pha has done an amazing job. The comfortable furnishings complete the house and give it a contemporary style, while providing the house with a really attractive niche.