Lovely DIY Wood Bud Vase and Salt Dish

When you are invited to somebody’s anniversary you have to present yourself with a gift. Sometimes it is hard to decide what to buy or to come up with. Maybe you think that you have many options like a bunch of flowers, a box of candies, an expensive bottle of wine, something to dress or some cosmetics. The choice of your present will depend on the person that will get it.

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If none of all these ideas will please you then you have another option. You may think of a personalized object which you may even do it yourself. Although it will imply some work the result will be a unique piece that will make you appear as a special person.

Here it is an idea: a DIY wood bud vase and salt dish. Besides the fact that it is a lovely present it will be a useful home piece too.If you have all these materials like: some glass bottles, some walnut, a belt sander with heavy grit paper, an orbital or palm sander with finer grit paper, a drill press, some OSMO finish and a forstner bit and soft cloths, you may start working.

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You cut a piece off from the walnut and then start some rough sanding on the belt sander. You may also use a palm sander but it will take much more time. Then you choose the shape that you want and mount the block on the lathe to cut a cellar out of it. For the vessel holes you use the drill press and a forstner bit. Hand sanding, the orbital sander with grits and the grit ultra-fine paper are used for finish sanding. After sanding you can apply some OSMO finish with a soft cloth and follow up with a clean cloth. Then just let it cure for about 12 hours, add your finishing salt and a cute small flower and everything is ready.{found on designsponge}