Decorative Winter Terrariums You Can Make Using Everyday Objects

Winter is a beautiful season even if it brings with it numerous inconveniences. So instead of being mad or sad about the fact that the weather gets cold and you can’t wear shorts anymore, how about looking at the good side? The landscape is definitely changing but it still remains beautiful. You can capture some of that beauty in a decorative terrarium which you can then display in your home or offer as a gift.


All you need to make this cute terrarium is a few pine cones, a bowl, some small ceramic mushrooms or some other decorations, moss and spray paint. After you’ve carefully painted the tips of the pine cones white to make it look like snow, place them inside the bowl along with the moss and everything else. You can then cover the whole thing with a globe or you can use a mason jar for the whole project.

Wine glass holiday

For this particular project you need wine glasses, cardboard, a hot glue gun, small plastic trees and figurines, ribbon and candles. Trace around the rim of each glass and cut out round pieces of cardboard. Start gluing the small figurines and decorations on the cardboard circles. Put some white sugar in each glass and place the cardboard and figurines inside. Glue the cardboard to the rim and use ribbon to cover it. The candles go on top after you flip the glasses. {found on popsugar}.

Mini winter terrariums

You can make a bunch of cute winter terrariums for the kids as well. Keep in mind that you’ll need a few jars so start collecting them in advance. You’ll also need salt, pebbles, moss, small animal figurines or other toy ornaments, cardboard, a hot glue gun and spray paint if you want to paint the lids. The salt will stand for snow and the decorations will be placed on top. You can find more detailed instructions on babbledabbledo.

DIY Christmas Terrarium

Seeing your car all covered in snow in the morning is not very pleasant unless, of course, we’re talking about a toy car inside a terrarium. To make it, you need the car, a bell jar or glass top, a mini Christmas tree or a small branch from an actual tree and fake snow. You can place the ornaments on a wood slice but other options can also be explored. Check out the project featured on Cityfarmhouse for more info and inspiration.