8 DIY Pendant Lamps With Highly Unusual Designs

So you got bored with your old pendant lamp or you don’t even have one. Sure, going to the store and buying one is a simple option but why do simple when you can do creative and unique? What we’re suggesting is crafting a pendant lamp yourself using unusual materials and items. This way you’ll get a new focal point for your home while also making something useful.



Let’s start with something fun and actually quite ingenious. It’s a pendant lamp made of two umbrellas. This design works for rooms with high ceilings. The dining area would be a wonderful option. You can pretty much use any kind of umbrella. These ones are transparent but a colored or patterned set would also look interesting as long as they let some of the light filter through and illuminate the room.

Geometric pendant lamp

Geometric designs are really popular in modern and contemporary interiors. So here’s a pendant lamp that knows exactly how to use that look. To make a similar one you need light socket cord, wooden skewers, hot glue and gold metal spray paint. Use the skewers to create random geometric shapes. Secure them together with glue in the corners. When you’re happy with the design, add a few coats of spray paint. Then let it hang from the cord. {found on delineateyourdwelling}.

How to make a Sweater Lamp

Believe it or not, you can actually make a really interesting-looking pendant lampshade from an old sweater. What you need for the project is a sweater that stretches easily, three wooden embroidery rings, glue, a plastic cup and binder clips. Check out Instructables for a tutorial on how to use all these things.

DIY minimal frame pendant lamp

If you prefer simple, minimal designs, then the one featured on ohohblog should be perfect. This pendant lamp is basically just a frame for the light bulb. It’s really easy to make and all you need is some wooden pieces. Connect them to make the frame and drill a hole at the top for the cord to pass through.

Antique Basket into a Unique Pendant Light

An antique basket can also make an interesting pendant lamp. It will have an industrial look so make sure it fits in the décor first. To make the transformation you’ll need a box cutter, wire strippers, fabric, a light socket, screws, a ceiling canopy fixture and wire cutters. You can find detailed instructions about the process on ehow.

Giant Decorative Bow Paper Pendant Lamp

Another possibility is to make a beautiful paper pendant lamp like the one featured on instructables. You’ll need big sheets of thick paper or card paper, craft glue and a small plastic tube or pipe. You can adjust the dimensions of the paper lamp according to the type of bulb you’re using or the size of the room.

Origami lantern lamp

Another interesting design for a paper pendant lamp can be found on crafts.tutsplus. For this project you’ll need A4 white paper, scissors, a marker, a hot glue gun, a bowl and a round paper lantern. First you prep the paper, then you fold it to make stars and then you glue them all to the paper lantern.

Ceiling lighting fixtures

There’s also the possibility to create a ceiling light fixture using simple, everyday items and unexpected materials. A good example is featured on Lovemaegan. The project requires a hanging wire planter basket, yarn, wooden craft beads, feathers and three screw hooks. The result will be a bohemian pendant lamp.