Improving Your Landscaping Skills – DIY Garden Fountains

Adding a water feature to a garden is a perfect strategy for improving that area’s appeal and beauty. Natural water features are great but actually having a garden with a river or a pond already on site is only a dream most of the times. However, you can add such water features yourself in order to beautify the garden. Fountains are one of your best options. The really great thing is that you can build a garden fountain yourself using simple items.

Portable outdoor water

There’s even the option of making a portable garden fountain which you can move from place to place, depending on how you want to customize the landscape at a particular time of the year for a specific occasion. The supplies needed include some plastic containers or planters, a small submersible pump, some tubing, pebbles and plants.

DIY concrete garden fountain

A really interesting design for a garden fountain can be found on ciburbanity. The materials you’ll need include a bag of mortar mix, a solar fountain kit, molds, a bucket, a PVC pipe, tubing and some scrap board. The design is quite artistic actually, featuring a sphere set on top of a bowl that circulates the water.{found on ciburbanity}.

Wine barrel garden fountain design

A garden fountain can be made using a lot of unusual items. One example is a fountain made using a vintage tea pot. It looks really interesting. The design is unique and customizable. You can find the instructions for the project on hometalk.

suspended tea pot

This is a similar project, also featuring a tea pot. This time the design is a bit different although the main principle remains the same: a suspended tea pot that circulates the water through a tube and down into a large container filled with pebbles, plants and other decorations.

How to build a water wall for garden

If you want, you can make a water wall. It’s an interesting water feature which, similarly to a fountain, can easily become a focal point for the garden. You can find a very detailed tutorial on how to build such a structure on interiorfrugalista. First you build the base using wood and then a plywood box starts to take shape. This is where the pond pump and the glass will stand. Line the box with pond liner and make sure you have no leaks. Add two vertical boards and make a frame that will hold the glass in place. After adding the finishing touches, everything should work nicely.

Flower Pot Fountain

Another option is to make a tiered fountain using two or more plant pots. You’ll have to connect them and add a small pump and some tubing. Once this technical part is all done, add pebbles, maybe even some plants and find a good spot for your new fountain. {found on thehappyhomebodies}.

Small front house fountain diy

Tatertotsandjello offers a beautiful design for a DIY garden fountain which you can using a large planter or some other type of container. Besides this, you’ll need a large bucket, some L-brackets, screen material, a submersible pump and an outdoor plug. The first step is to dig a hole in the ground and to bury the bucket there. Check out the full description for more info.

How to Make an Urn Fountain

A somewhat similar-looking design can be found on BHG. This is a large urn fountain and to make it you need an urn, plastic tank fitting, copper standpipe, hose barb, a hose, a pump, plastic mesh and rocks or pebbles. Once again, it all starts with the digging of a basin.

The Canoe Pond

There’s also another really great and interesting strategy you can try. The idea comes from hometalk where we found this amazing canoe pond. It actually is what it appears to be: a canoe turned into a pond, filled with water and plants.