5 DIY Cocktail Table Designs Perfect For Your Patio

Does it seem like your patio is missing something? You have the bench, maybe some extra chairs for your guests and a side table or two. Sure, a coffee table would complete the combo in a nice way but how about a cocktail table instead? There’s no standard design for such a piece of furniture so there’s plenty of room for customization. And if a cocktail table is not the best option for your patio, check out the other ideas as well or come up with your own.

Chic Cocktail Table
Chic Cocktail Table1

A lovely idea can be to have a table with a built-in planter so you can make nature a part of your patio’s décor. You can craft the table out of reclaimed wood such as boards taken from pallets or from previous projects. Build a box for the center of the table, like a sort of hollow core. Add soil, some pebbles and some small plants. Succulents would be a nice choice.

Patio table with ice cooler

Or, instead of a planter, you could have a patio table with a built-in cooler for drinks. You can fill the boxes with ice and keep your drinks nice and cool. Such a table would also be great for barbecues. You can find a tutorial on how to build it on remodelaholic. Design the table around the ice boxes you’re planning to put inside.

DIY patio table project

Of course, your patio could do just fine with a simple table that doesn’t have any of these accessories. The important thing in this case would be the dimensions of the table. You want it to be big enough for the guests you plan on entertaining but not too big for your patio. Find the right balance between these things and get to work. Check out the detailed instructions offered on sauvages-typepad for more info.

Patio table makeover

A patio table can also be similar to the table you’d use in a dining nook. For example, one with a round top would work out great for a small patio or a terrace or balcony. So if you have an old table that fits this description, take it out and give it a quick makeover. You can paint the top and even give it an interesting design using tape. The idea comes from lovelyindeed.

Timber side table

And speaking of small patios and tables that suit them, another idea is to add a side table to this space. In fact, you can even have several side tables so everyone can rest their drinks there without having to put in a lot of effort. This way, instead of one large table in the center, you’ll have a more relaxed and open seating area. {found on francoisetmoi}

Concrete small side table

The concrete side table featured on storefrontlife can suit pretty much any patio. Check out the instructions and build your own. You can adapt the dimensions to your own needs or use the project as inspiration for something more complex. It;s also possible to combine this idea with one previously described in order to design a hybrid table.