How To Style And Enjoy A Fire Bowl For A Cozy Experience

Fire bowls are somewhere in between fireplaces and fire pits. They’re quite space-saving and they’re the perfect centerpiece for cozy seating areas and outdoor gatherings. Fire bowls are also easy to build if you have some river rocks and some concrete mix. The design possibilities are endless and, depending on the style you prefer, you can easily adapt the following projects.

DIY movable fireplace

As already mentioned, a few river rocks and some concrete mix and the basic ingredients when you’re planning to build yourself a fire bowl. In addition to these materials you’ll also need a bowl and a large can, some cooking spray, chafing dish gel fuel and something to stir the concrete with. You can find a more detailed description of this project on b3hd.

Portable glass fireplace diy

Fire bowls and fire pits are pretty similar and building either one of these can be really cheap. For the design featured on Theartofdoingstuff, for example, you need a few simple materials such as silicone, some cheap glass frames, small rocks, metal mesh, gel fuel and a metal planter. First you build the glass box and then you secure it to the edge of the metal frame. Add the rocks and fuel and that’s all.

Concrete large vase used like firepit

And now that you’re done building your own fire bowl, let’s also have a look at a few ways in which you can enjoy it and add it to your home’s décor. Although they can be used indoors safely, fire bowls, just like fire pits, tend to be more charming when used outside, as a centerpiece for a cozy seating area.

fire bowl on a concrete pedestal

You can raise the fire bowl on a concrete pedestal if you want it to be at just the right height. And here’s a great idea: if you don’t need or want the bowl, take it down and use the pedestal as a coffee table. Either way you win and you’ll have a great time.

Take the fire bowl into the garden

You can take a fire bowl out in the garden where you can set up a cozy seating area, maybe a private retreat where you can go whenever you need to relax or clear your mind. You can complement it with a bench or a comfy chair.

Garden fire bowl

Highlight the nature-inspired theme set by the fire bowl by also having the seating built using natural materials such as stone. Check out some DIY projects or come up with your own design. You can add a few distinct features to it, such as built-in accent lighting.

Amazing view through balcony

If the views are awesome from your deck or roof terrace, then that’s where the fire bowl belongs. This means you can enjoy it even you live in an apartment or condo. You don’t need a house with a big yard or garden to spend cozy moments together with your friends and family.