Lovely DIY Garden Paths of Wood Slabs

Garden is a place where you can find your interior peace, where you can enjoy your plants, love reading a book or admire the beautiful nature. The fresh air and the peaceful atmosphere will make recharge your batteries and feel like a new person.

Diy garden path of wood slabs 1 500x375

If you love your garden then you definitely take care of its design and make sure that it looks attractive and nice.Especially for your garden here are some lovely DIY Garden Paths of Wood Slabs that will make it look great. It will make you think of those lovely walks that you take in the woods where everything fills you with energy and life.

You just need to find some wood logs to cut two inch disks of them They all will be in different sizes so each path would be unique. To make a path of these slices you need to dig into the ground a bit to press them in.

Diy garden path of wood slabs 1 500x375

This is a really nice and easy project and those who have a house and like this pattern can create some wonderful paths in their own yard. Besides the fact that the yard will look lovely they will also protect you from mud, in case it rains and you have only ground around your house.{found on domesticatednomad}