How To Make A Mason Jar Chandelier With Vintage Charm

Making your own light fixture has become a popular thing lately. People are starting to appreciate more things they can make themselves and DIY projects gained popularity. So perhaps it’s time for you to make your own chandelier using simple things like Mason jars. There are a bunch of great ideas and designs to try. Here are a few:

The Aqua Candelier
The Aqua Candelier2
The Aqua Candelier3
The Aqua Candelier1

Most similar projects start with an old, vintage chandelier. Perhaps you can find something like in your grandparents’ garage or at an antique shop. In any case, the older the better. You could use mason jars as shades for each light bulb or, if you prefer a more romantic mood and a softer light, you could use candles instead of light bulbs and the chandelier would simply serve as a decoration. Have the jars painted and decorate the chandelier with a few glass crystals. {found on shabbyfufublog}.

shabby chic pink mason jar chandelier

Giving an old chandelier a makeover using simple mason jars wouldn’t be difficult. The first step of the project could be painting the light fixture. This would be useful if you don’t like the old finish or if signs of rust are showing. After that, cut the lids of the jars. You’ll need to cut out a hole in each one so you can screw the jars into them on the fixture. Spray paint the lids and the lid rings. Then get ready to put all the pieces together as shown on concordcottage.

Blue mason jar chandelier

If you want to replicate the project described on mountainmodernlife, you’re going to need some globe bulb lights, spray paint, mason jars and lid rings, some painter’s tape, clear fishing wire, glue, a clear crystal garland and crystal prisms. Clean up the chandelier and glue the lid rings on. Use tape to cover the sections you don’t want paint to get on. Paint the chandelier, screw on the jars to turn them into shades and then decorate the fixture with crystals.

Jars with candles

If you want to make a mason jar chandelier for an outdoor space, you’ll most likely need to use candles instead of light bulbs. All you’ll need for such a project includes mason jars, twine and tea light candles. Wrap twine around the necks of the jars and gather them all in a cluster. You can hang the jars from a tree branch or any other structure. You can find more inspiration on dukesandduchesses.

Mason Jars outdoor lighting

As you can see, not all chandeliers require an existing light fixture to use as the main body. You can build a chandelier from scratch if you want. A helpful example for such a project can be found on creatingalifenow. It all starts with a long wood board lay a few jars on it, evenly spaced and trace around them with a pencil. Then cut out all the holes. Glue metal jar rings into the holes and then screw the jars on. Make a few holes for some rope to go through and hang the chandelier. You can put candles inside the jars or you can use string lights.

Mason jars lighting chandelier

If you plan on using light bulbs, then the project featured on instructables would be a much better option. The materials needed include a cheap vanity light, metal screws, a piece of old barn wood or something similar, some paint, mason jars with lids and screw caps, rope, wire, Edison bulbs, a metal hook and perhaps also a ceiling box cover plate if you need one. You will also require a drill, a saw and a screwdriver.

Unique lighting fixtures from mason jar

If you like the idea of using mason jars on unique light fixtures but you don’t need a chandelier, perhaps a pendant lamp would be a better option. You can find how to make a mason jar pendant on woonblog. Pick any kind of light bulbs you want. Keep in mind that they’ll be visible. You’ll require a mason jar with a lid, a hammer, a nail, a light bulb and a kit with cord and a socket.

Mason jar pendant light with rope

The chic pendant lamp featured on etsy can be made in a similar way. It can be customized in a lot of beautiful and interesting ways. Wrap rope around the top portion of the jar and glue it as you go. This will offer the lamp a warm and cozy look. You can also add some cute little decorations such as a tiny bee ornament.