Lovely Apartment in Poland by mode:lina

Polish architecture firm mode:lina created an inspiring apartment for guests visiting the city for the Poznan International Fair. This cute home is located in Poznan, Poland, and is a mixture of a hotel design with the cosiness of someone’s apartment.

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The designers had to take into consideration replaceable furniture due to the users of the apartment. To take care of this challenge they turned to IKEA, which made this home feel simple, yet chic at the same time. The apartment has everything you could possibly need in terms of comfort and functionality.

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Throughout the entire house you can see that the designers used white and some other neutral colors for the walls and floors in order to create the feeling of a big, airy space. The living room is a combination of black and white elements, which give it an elegant look. The bedrooms feel cozy and bright, they have quotations printed on the walls urging guests to relax. The kitchen is a great place to enjoy some family time and great meals, because it is equipped with stainless steel appliances and looks very inviting. Furthermore, the bathroom is as accommodating as that of a hotel’s. It also is bright and colorful due to the green tile which gives it a playful look. For a little relaxation and outdoor escape the apartment offers a balcony.

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All in all this lovely apartment has the style of a hotel room and the comfort of your home. What do you think?