Lovely Apartment in Athens

It is very important for an apartment to be well- structured, to have enough space for all your things, but also free space; at the same time, it is important to have your apartment decorated according to your own wishes. It is definitely the case with this apartment in Athens. It is the perfect place for a young couple, as it is simple and friendly and as a whole, it is the best example of a unified place.

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The interior is dominated by two significant elements: the open kitchen, which is inviting in its simplicity and good taste and the fireplace, which makes the entire atmosphere warm and pleasant. Another successful aspect is represented by the dark colors, complemented by yellow, green and blue tones;  they are in a perfect harmony and contribute to the modern air the entire apartment has.This modern apartment was remodeled by Spacelab Architecture.

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The colorful aspect is also responsible for the cozy feeling that you encounter once you enter this great environment. Besides all the already mentioned aspects, there is another one that deserves being mentioned and that is the dream blend of art and beauty, which gives personality to the entire place and which attracts any sensitive person. Once you see such an apartment, you definitely make plans for your own place, as it is an inspiring place!