Lovely Anima Lamps by Masiero

Though I am not a fan of the bad weather I just love rain. It happens that autumn is a rainy and windy season that brings colder and cloudy days. I do not like these types of things as they force me to spend more time indoors. Instead I just love to listen to the sound of rain, the way its drops hot the windows and its charming wet curtain that can be admired from the window. I remember that when I was younger I used to take my umbrella and take a walk in the rain. It is like you can hear a song of nature which enchants your ears.

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Masiero seems to be inspired by the same things. It created these lovely Anima Lamps that seem to take the shape of the rain drops. Their base ceiling structure consists of some simple white cylinder shaped lights that continue with some gorgeous glass droplets that hang from them. These lovely, turquoise or pink glass droplets are mouth blown and worked and finished by hand. The advantage of this technique is that the glass droplets have different sizes so that none of them looks the same.

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If you also love nature and the beauty of rain drops you may complete your interior décor with such wonderful ceiling lamps that seem to resemble a beautiful chandelier. Their design and color will definitely attract every sight!