Lounge Chair Turns into Chaise Longue

Space is more and more important these days. That can be easily explained by the fact that we, people, grow in numbers day by day while mother Earth is only one, so the space is limited. And the more we are the less we can divide for each of us. Even in our homes space is very important because we tend to gather a lot of things in time and then don’t have enough space to deposit them all. That is why lounge chairs can be a bit uncomfortable. They are long and take a lot of your space and you can only use them in the lounge or on the terrace. You can sit in one of them watching television one Sunday afternoon for example.

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Well, this colorful lounge chair is very easy to place in any corner of your house making the atmosphere lively and pleasant and also allowing you to fold it in half and use it as a normal chair. It is made of two arches that are actually its halves and one of them is made to support your feet and make you feel relaxed when it is spread and when you want to turn it into a chair simply fold that lower half and place it underneath. The designers who had the idea of this project, Igor Solovyov and Dzimitri Samal thought of a trick: to add a small mechanism that allows you to push that half under the seating . The chair is made of a stainless steel frame and some synthetic material for the seating halves.

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