Lotus pendant

When you need a unique and elegant design for a lamp, for example, flowers are a great source of inspiration. They have beautiful shapes and very soft and beautiful silhouettes. This particular lamp has a design inspired by the lotus flower. The numerous petals are trimmed with polished nickel and they form a very beautiful shape. It has a fragile look, but this is exactly what makes it unique and so good-looking.

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The overall dimensions of this lamp are 15″ diameter and 15″ high. The lamp has literary hundreds of shell petals that together form a lotus flower. When you turn on the lights, this beautiful flower turns into a luminous and very elegant lamp. It’s not unusual for the pendants or lamps to have flower-inspired designs, but usually they are smaller and not that sophisticated.

This pendant hangs from a clear cord with an 18″ decorative chain and an on/off switch on the plug-in cord. The suspended pendant comes in a very beautiful tone of yellow with some orange accents. This design features a hinged door at the bottom of the pendant that allows for the bulb to be changes. Overall it’s a very beautiful design, with feminine characteristics because of the flower-shaped form. It’s a pendant that has a very versatile design, so it would look nice in the bedroom, but also in the living room, hallway, even in the kitchen. It doesn’t have a specific style so it would look great in any home for 199$.