Los Mueblos Amorosos Chair by Javier Mariscal

The name is sort of a turn off, maybe not for everyone, but for some people it certainly is. However, when you see the actual chair, you might change your mind.

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It is a very happy and colorful chair that lightens the atmosphere in the room. It is also very comfortable. The base of the chair is made from a steel frame and the feet are natural beech, screwed to the frame. I’m not crazy about the colors, but I like the general idea. I think this chair would nicely integrate in a traditional home as well as in a more modern one. The design is quite similar to the standard armchair design and the bright colors add a distinguished feature to its image.Aesthetically, this is a refreshing chair. Its versatile appearance allows it to be placed in almost any room of the house, even in the kids bedroom. One thing I would change about this chair is the name. The rest is a really nice combination of old and new.