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The Loom and Leaf Mattress: What’s the Appeal?

Purchasing a mattress is nothing to take lightly. In fact, we develop a very important, long term relationship with our mattresses, often using them longer than any other piece of furniture in our homes. That means that, when your old mattress is no longer performing, you need to know everything you can about the vast array of mattresses available today.

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Over the last several years, memory foam has become a preferred type of mattress, and the market has been flooded with options. The Loom and Leaf mattress, one of the well-recognized memory foam mattresses on the market, is a bit different from its competitors, and that makes it quite popular. In this review, I’ll cover why this might be a viable option, depending on your sleep preferences.

The Beginning

The Loom and Leaf mattress is a product of Saatva, one of the most well known and respected mattress manufacturers in the industry. The original Saatva mattress is a traditional spring coil, and it has been incredibly successful. After that early breakout, Saatva decided to expand by creating the Loom and Leaf, an all memory foam mattress, and it has been just as popular as the Saatva.

Since then, the company has also branched out into the latex mattress market with the design of the Zenhaven mattress. Part of the reason for the success is that the Loom and Leaf mattress comes with free white-glove service in the contiguous United States. That means the team arrives with the mattress and sets it up for you, also hauling away your old mattress so you don’t have to deal with it. this is a standard practice that is rarely included with your order, and that is just part of the customer service that backs the company and the mattress.

120-night trial
Loom and Leaf Mattress
Loom and Leaf Mattress

The Loom and Leaf mattress is best suited for side sleepers or back sleepers with serious back and shoulder pain.

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The Details

The Loom and Leaf mattress incorporates organic cotton, memory foam with supportive construction, and a method of cooling not often found in memory foam as a material. Unlike most online mattress sellers, Loom and Leaf doesn’t ship a bed in a box. Rather, the mattress is delivered in full configuration via white-glove service, setting up your new bed for you and removing your old mattress.

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You can’t purchase the Loom and Leaf mattress in a brick and mortar store or through big-box online retailers. You can only find it on the manufacturer’s website, made to order and sent to your address. This cuts overhead since there is no need for storage space. In addition, because it hasn’t been compressed, you won’t experience any significant off-gassing because there’s no need to unroll and decompress.

Configured with a coupling of gentle memory foam and sturdy polyfoam, the Loom and Leaf is a little on the firm side, which is great for those who need added support for alignment. It is made to contour to the body but also to give proper pressure relief. On a scale of 1 to 10, the consensus averages out to give the Loom and Leaf mattress a 7, which is just a bit firmer than the average medium firm.

Initial Impressions

The Loom and Leaf mattress makes some claims that I was a bit skeptical about, only because I tend to shy away from marketing claims until I’ve tested them. But initially, I was impressed. The white glove delivery was luxurious, and the service was polite and accommodating. While all mattresses require a little breaking in, the Loom and Leaf was not uncomfortable, even on the first night. I did feel that the bed sleeps a little firm, but that was to be expected, and you still get some pillowing from the way the mattress contours for pressure point relief.

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Of course, one of the biggest things that is problematic with memory foam mattresses is how they tend to retain heat. The Saatva company claims that the Loom and Leaf is different, incorporating technology to keep the sleep space cooler. I’ll talk more about heat retention later but suffice it to say I was impressed with this mattress’s coolness by comparison to several other memory foam mattresses I’ve tested out.


Part of the reason that the Loom and Leaf mattress is able to remain cool and comfortable, as well as to perform well in areas such as motion isolation, is that it is constructed of several quality layers. Surrounding the four layers within the mattress is the organic cotton cover. It’s smooth to the touch and has the breathability of cotton that makes wearing the material in the summer so comfortable.

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The comfort layer at the top of the Loom and Leaf is thick memory foam infused with cooling gel, which is part of the secret to how this particular mattress manages to stay cooler than many competitors. This 2-inch layer offers two main features – airflow and gel for cooler sleeping and slow responsiveness that aids in allowing your body to sink in while the mattress adjusts to your shape for contouring.

The contour layer of the Loom and Leaf mattress consists of an additional 2 1/2 inches of memory foam, which tempers how the top comfort layer sinks. This provides greater support for contouring so that you can sink into the mattress while retaining the proper alignment of your spine, leading to pressure point relief and less pain.

Next is the transitional layer of the Loom and Leaf, which is made of a faster-responding polyfoam. These 2 inches of polyfoam provides support, stopping the top layers from caving in too far and not creating a comfortable sleep space. At the same time, it assures you won’t feel like you sink and then suddenly hit a brick against the base layer, thus transitioning that motion gently.

The final base layer is 5 1/2 inches thick, giving the Loom and Leaf mattress a full 12-inch loft. This layer is made from a high-density polyfoam that is unforgiving when it comes to retaining the shape of the mattress and assuring its durability. The fact that this is a 100% foam mattress means it gives you sinkage and support, making it ideal for side sleepers.

Features and Benefits

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The Loom and Leaf mattress boasts a cooler sleep than the average memory foam mattress. This particular mattress incorporates both a convoluted design for airflow as well as a layer of gel-infused memory foam to increase the ability to disperse heat and keep the sleep space cooler.

In addition, this mattress is configured to provide better contouring for a top of the line pressure relief. While offering the ability to sink into the mattress, its multiple layers create the effect of sinking without allowing the mattress to succumb to full body weight. Instead, it conforms to your shape to keep you in alignment while you sleep. This is intended to take the pressure off points of contention, including the back, hips, and shoulders.

Another great benefit of the Loom and Leaf mattress is that all are delivered with free white-glove service. The company delivers the mattress, not compressed in a box, sets it up for you, and takes away your old mattress to assure you don’t have to hassle with that endeavor, something that can be both difficult and time-consuming. To back that up with even greater service, there’s an excellent warranty on the mattress to assure you’re protected against damage.


Much like the other two mattresses produced by the same manufacturer, the Loom and Leaf mattress is available in every common size, as well as two extended sizes. You can find one to fit any room with the correct proportions, choosing from Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and California King. This also means that you have an opportunity to choose your cost based on the size you order, so that the mattress fits your room and your budget.

Twin38" x 75"$849
Twin XL38" x 80"$999
Full54" x 75"$1399
Queen60" x 80"$1499
King76" x 80"$1799
Cal King72" x 84"$1998

While the Loom and Leaf mattress could potentially be beneficial to people with any preference in sleep position, it’s probably best for side sleepers, considering the way it contours to create a very supportive alignment. The firmness may be a bit much for a back sleeper but considering that it really is great with pressure point relief, those with lower back pain or knee pain who sleep on their backs may be particularly pleased with the comfort the Loom and Leaf mattress offers.

Heat Transfer

When designing the Loom and Leaf mattress, the designers were particularly aware of the fact that memory foam retains significant amounts of heat. Therefore, they worked hard to find a way to negate this flaw as they created the new mattress. I’ll say that the organic cotton cover remains comfortable, which is common with cotton. It is highly breathable and helps to disperse some of the heat.

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However, it’s more pertinent to understand what’s going on inside the Loom and Leaf mattress. Perhaps the main reason I found it far more comfortable in terms of heat retention than I do with standard memory foam mattresses is that they’ve infused the top layer of memory foam with a cooling gel. While this is not the first manufacturer to do so, I can tell you that it seems to be working well for Loom and Leaf. I found that I didn’t awaken during the night feeling too hot or finding myself in a pool of sweat as I sometimes do.

So, for those who appreciate the feel of a memory foam mattress but tend to sleep hot, the Loom and Leaf is definitely a viable option for you.


My first thought on the Loom and Leaf mattress’s durability, before even trying it out, is that they wouldn’t back it with such an incredible warranty if it wasn’t built to last with high-quality materials. When it arrived, I inspected it and found no loose threads or broken stitching, so that was great, too. I’ve also found that, sometimes, the compressed bed in a box doesn’t inflate properly or has some structural inconsistencies that compromise its durability. The Loom and Leaf is delivered without the need to open and inflate, negating this aspect of strength problems.

The mattress has a great base that keeps it strong and enduring. However, I will say that, while I didn’t exactly feel like I was going to roll off the edge, it was a little lacking as I sat on the edge of the bed. This is simply the one flaw in a memory foam mattress, even one as luxurious and well designed as the Loom and Leaf. Overall, the durability of this mattress is quite reliable for the long term.

In all of this, you’ll also find that the motion isolation you experience in the Loom and Leaf mattress is perhaps the best in the industry. There is almost no motion transfer, making the product ideal for those who sleep with a partner who is very active in their sleep or who is up and down during the night, someone who is very active while sleeping themselves, or someone who is a very light sleeper and easily disturbed.

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Maintenance, Protection, Care and Warranty

When it comes to treating your Loom and Leaf mattress well, you’ll find it particularly easy. Maintaining it mainly involves removing the cover and laundering from time to time. Use a cool, gentle cycle to wash and either hang to dry or tumble dry on low heat and replace. You can spot clean the mattress as needed, as well as disinfect, with any material safe cleaner.

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Should you feel extra protection is required, such as with a child, you can use any standard mattress protector in the proper size. This can be helpful to assure that the warranty isn’t invalidated by poor treatment. The warranty is incredible, a 15-year non-prorated guarantee that gives you peace of mind. This is longer than most in the industry. You also get a 120-night trial that lets you see if this mattress really does meet your needs and satisfy you during which time you can return the mattress free of charge.


While the Loom and Leaf mattress is by no means the least expensive memory foam product on the market, it’s also not the most expensive. Considering the quality of the Loom and Leaf, as well as the benefits it offers and the fact that white glove delivery is included, I feel the cost is actually quite reasonable. For comparison purposes, the Queen size Loom and Leaf mattress costs $1,499, but the price ranges by size from $849 (for the Twin) to $1,799 (for a King or California King).

120-night trial
Loom and Leaf Mattress
Loom and Leaf Mattress

The Loom and Leaf mattress is best suited for side sleepers or back sleepers with serious back and shoulder pain.

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Reviews and Feedback

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Those who don’t like the feel of memory foam have found that they aren’t fond of the Loom and Leaf mattress. A few have complained about the lack of edge support that you’ll find with most memory foam mattresses. However, there are no negative reviews regarding overheating while sleeping, which is what you would expect from this type of mattress.

Overall, reviews are extremely positive. Consumers enjoy the firmness of the bed, especially those who sleep on their sides, and many have stated that their aches and pains, especially in joints and around pressure points, have lessened over time with sleep on the Loom and Leaf mattress.

Who Would We Recommend the Loom and Leaf For?

The Loom and Leaf mattress is excellent for side sleepers, as well as those who suffer from joint and muscle pain on a regular basis. If you’re looking for memory foam but tend to sleep hot, the Loom and Leaf is also a great option. In addition, if you prefer a mattress that has some give but are a heavier or larger individual, the Loom and Leaf might be a good solution for you.

Our Final Verdict

The Loom and Leaf Mattress 150x150

As a luxury quality all foam and memory foam mattress, the Loom and Leaf stands out in the crowd with an uncompressed, white glove delivery that is free and standard, relieving you of concerns of off-gassing or having to dispose of your old mattress. It’s on the firm end of the spectrum, but it still contours to the body, giving the right support to keep the spine in proper alignment.

It may seem a little costly, but with a 15-year full warranty and a long trial period, this very durable mattress that includes the top-quality sourced materials and pure organic cotton cover is worth every penny. If you’re looking for a memory foam mattress that doesn’t sleep hot and relieves pressure points, you’ve found your answer in the Loom and Leaf mattress.

120-night trial
Loom and Leaf Mattress
Loom and Leaf Mattress

The Loom and Leaf mattress is best suited for side sleepers or back sleepers with serious back and shoulder pain.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

Is a mattress cover needed?

The Loom and Leaf comes with a 100% organic cotton removable mattress cover, so you don’t need to purchase one separately.

How does the returns process work?

The Loom and Leaf offers a 120-night sleep trial, and if you aren’t happy with your mattress after that time, you can return for a full refund.

Where can these mattresses be shipped?

Loom and Leaf mattresses can ship all throughout the contiguous United States and Canada, complete with free white glove delivery, and special arrangements can be made for Alaska residents.

Is the loft adjustable?

The Loom and Leaf only comes in 1 model, which is rated to be firm (7 out of 10).

What type of sleeper is this mattress best suited for?

Any hot sleeper or sleeper who deals with joint pain, as well as side sleepers or back sleepers who need extra support.

Best for what sleep position?

The Loom and Leaf mattress is best suited for side sleepers or back sleepers with serious back and shoulder pain.


Cover – 100% organic cotton

Fill – Memory gel foam/memory foam

Base – High-density polyfoam


  • Uses gel-infused memory foam and proprietary design for cooling
  • Organic cotton means hypoallergenic as well as easy care and maintenance
  • Firm contouring feel helps with pressure point relief
  • White glove service is included free with every order
  • No compression or boxing, so no off-gassing or smell


  • May not suit stomach sleepers
  • Not the best edge support
  • Might feel pricey to some