A Look at Traditional Contemporary Kitchens

Kitchens are a unique space in our homes, and they play a unique (and prominent) role in our lives. By definition and tradition, the space is function-centered – food is prepared and cooked in the kitchen. But modern kitchens are so much more than a food prep zone. They are the heart of the home, full of life and warmth and interaction.

Mix of traditional and modern

Traditional kitchens are work-focused and incorporate basic materials in their designs. Contemporary kitchens tend to be sleek and refined and stylish. It’s a lovely kitchen that incorporates the best of both worlds within its proverbial walls.

Subzero wolf kitchen appliances contemporary
Traditional components: Oversized wood beams. These constitute quite a large visual aspect of this contemporary kitchen, due to their chunkiness and rustic nature.

Contemporary components: The variety of color and texture here, which adds a modern feel to almost anything traditional. The cobalt blue cupboard under the island, stemware visible in open shelving, and round drawer pulls are all facets of this modern kitchen.

White kitchen design
Traditional components: Plaid fabric, window shade, and mouldings. Mouldings everywhere! At the top, middle, and bottoms of cabinetry.

Contemporary components: Large kitchen space, oversized island with sink, beautiful chandelier amid the recessed lights.

Backsplash pendant lights wood island
Traditional components: Farmhouse (apron) kitchen sink with traditional-style faucet, simple white cabinetry faces. Also the legged wooden island with wood paneling is a lovely traditional touch.

Contemporary components: Modern blinds window treatment (and the absence of colored textiles that would’ve comprised a shade or valance), stainless steel accents, and marble countertops are contemporary additions to this huge space.

Black white floor kitchen black hood
Traditional components: black-and-white checkerboard floor and subway tiled walls are a not-so-subtle nod to decades past. A cane sitting chair is also a bit of nostalgia in this space.

Contemporary components: Abundant natural light from large windows as well as repeated pendant lighting bespeaks a touch of the modern. Combine that with a black range hood and nickel hardware, and this is a well-balanced space.

Kahles frenchcountry white kitchen island oa
Traditional components: Faux vines adorning the top of the upper cabinetry, as well as a traditionally silhouetted double-pendant chandelier over the island bring in a bit of the old-time feel.

Contemporary components: Integration of a workspace into the kitchen itself, complete with desk and upholstered slipper chair, as well as the overall complexity of the materials used throughout this kitchen are reminiscent of modern living.

Traditional kitchen remodel1
Traditional components: curvy marble-topped wood-carved island like this would traditionally be a show-stopper in the parlor or formal living room. Or, at least, a smaller version of it would be. Here, under a chunky decorative chandelier, it’s a major player in this kitchen’s traditional sensibilities.

Contemporary components: white cupboards, a stainless steel stove (and the token red knobs that go with it!) and modern fixtures, coupled with a vast sense of sheer space, brings the kitchen beautifully up-to-date.

Graceful lightened Norwegian kitchen
Traditional components: Cabinet design and mouldings and an eat-in kitchen table give a nod to traditional kitchen arrangements. A dark wood floor is also a beautiful contrast to the rest of the white and is steeped in tradition.

Contemporary components: The modern vibe of fully covered and skirted slipper chairs provide a nice contrast to the exposed insides of glass-fronted cabinetry. Bookshelves in the kitchen seem like a nod to a contemporary way of life as well.

Country Style Kitchen Idea
Traditional components: Rich earth tones, loads of natural materials, and a lot of visual things going on in this kitchen make it feel like it’s been around for years. Traditional gold-framed artwork and a variety of color on almost all surfaces definitely send out a hearty sit-down-and-have-a-homecooked-meal vibe.

Contemporary components: Beside the modern appliances, an attention-grabbing black painted island provides a decidedly modern vibe to this warm and heavily traditional kitchen.

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