Loll Designs Milk Stool

Nowadays people live in the cities and town and very few people still prefer the countryside. However, now more than a hundred years ago most people lived in the farms in the country and they lived mainly on the farm products they produced themselves. Of course many of them had farm animals and cows were preferred because they provided the necessary milk. But when they had to milk the cows they needed a small stool because that was a very uncomfortable position and the stool had to be small and easy to move. It was simple in design, with three or four legs and it was called a milk stool. Very few people still use it now for actually milking cows, but the design stuck, as it is simple and useful.

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Loll Designs Milk Stool1This explains why you can still find this Loll Designs Milk Stool in stores, either online or in real stores. But now this milk stool is made of entirely recycled plastic, so pretty modern when compared to the wood they used back then. Because of this feature you can use it both indoors and outdoors and weather will not affect it too much. The stool is available in many colour options and you can choose your favourite from apple red, black, chocolate brown, charcoal grey, cloud white, leaf green, sky blue and sand. And this for $156.40 from Loll Designs.