Loki Kids Stool

Kids love the sun and love to play outdoors, so summer is their favourite season. They could stay out all day without getting bored or tired. But every once in a while they should sit on the grass or on a stool in order to rest for a moment and take a deep breath. So this Loki Kids Stool could be the perfect thing for them. And I think the name is perfect for the product because it comes from the name of the Northern playful God in Scandinavian mythology – Loki.

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This stool is colourful and has a very interesting design, with the four legs having an unusual shape and also being interlocked so as to come together like the rays in a star under the seating. The stool is entirely made of recycled plastic and it belongs to the Duluth, Minnesota-based Loll Designs company. It is comfortable and eco-friendly and also perfect for outdoors. It will not be affected by weather and its colour will not fade away if left in the sun. The round seat is perfect for kids and also the dimensions, so the kids can handle it themselves, without adult help. The item is now available on Room&Board for $99.