Log Sofa by Patricia Urquiola

The Log Sofa comes from a French manufacturer Artelano and was designed by Patricia Urquiola. The Log Sofa provide comfort and also style. It’s a part from the large log series and features a cushion seat with loose pillows along the backrest and arms, all of which sit on a wooden frame. The entire cushion of the log sofa seats on the sleek wooden frame with clean lines that adds up the elegance of the sofa.

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A very tasteful and stylish  design that adds the word “beautiful” to the list of attributes used to describe this modern piece of furniture. The cushions provide extra comfort to this already extremely comfy and soft sofa. But nowadays the fact that a piece of furniture is useful and practical is simply not enough. We demand that it also looks good and matches will all the other pieces. Choosing a sofa is a difficult and long process that nobody enjoys. But it’s easier because you have the possibility of consulting many options online fore making a final decision.