Log Cabin Wilderness Mirror

There is a time and a place for everything. There is nothing so intense like young love and also nothing so elegant as a little black dress. Anyway, when you live in a very modern and cool house, you cannot use very simple and rough accessories because they do not look good and do not fit there. The opposite is also true, meaning that you cannot bring a very sophisticated item in a totally simple and tiny cabin in the middle of the forest. Considering all the above mentioned things, I think you should choose all the things that make up the interior design of your house depending on the size, location and general look of your home. This Log Cabin Wilderness Mirror is perfect for a wild cabin in the woods, like the name suggests.

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It is simple and nice, with a very clear frame that is made of four small logs put together and is only meant to be functional. It is made of sturdy cedar poles that are first measured, cut and then sanded carefully so as to look great as ensemble. It is left untreated in the picture and you can decide later what to do with it: apply a thin layer of lacquer, let it age in a graceful manner or maybe paint it in the colour of your choice. The item can be hand made by a skilled person, but also purchased for $159 from American Country.