Modern Loft Removes Partitions In Favor Of A Plywood Volume

There are many different approaches one can choose from when renovating an apartment. Sometimes a few small changes are enough to change the ambiance but other times something more drastic is required. In the case of this loft located in New York, the renovation was complete and really impressive.The 900 sq ft (approximately 83 sq m) loft was remodeled by LYNCH / EISINGER / DESIGN, a practice led by architects who consider the main characteristics of good design to be efficiency and flexibility, both of which were masterfully materialized in this project. The first step was to remove all the partitions and to completely pen up the loft.

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Then the team disguise all the basic functions into a single plywood volume. This volume is slightly raised above the floor and reaches just below the ceiling. This way it lets daylight pass through into the private areas fund inside it.

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The kitchen portion is small and has gray cement walls. The cabinetry is white and the appliances are built in. Across from it is the living space, also limited and kept casual and simple, but still plenty of space for a dining table.

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A defining characteristic of the loft is a long, white-lacquered cabinet. When its doors are closed it can serve as a projection screen. Inside it there’s a workspace with a shelf desk and extra open shelves for storage, a Murphy bed for overnight guests and a series of storage closets.

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It’s possible for the bed and the desk to be used at the same time. The closet door acts as a dividing screen between the two, offering each area privacy.

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The plywood volume contains the main bedroom. It has gray rubber flooring and matching cabinets. One of the cabinet doors is bright orange, a lovely accnt feature which acts as a focal point and cheers up the neutral décor.

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A long gray curtain offers privacy to the bedroom, separating it from the rest of the loft. The solution has a casual allure and was preferred here because this is a single-person loft.

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The light wooden floors throughout the loft connects all these different functions and allow the apartment to have a cohesive and fluid look.This is also an element which adds a little bit of warmth to the spaces and between the flooring and the white painted brick walls and white and gray color palette the loft feels really inviting.

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