Industrial And Rustic Designs Resurfaced By The New LOFT Kitchen

The new LOFT kitchen by Snadeiro proposes an interesting concept. Inspired by an old look, the kitchen is nevertheless contemporary. The furniture was designed with raw, natural materials and worn finishes and, as such, has a strong industrial personality.


Elements such as metal accents oxidized by time, big shelves and rustic wood features are resurfaced here in a design with urban appeal and with an overall look that’s rough but elegant. The LOFT kitchen only includes the essentials and this makes it really practical and space-efficient.


The industrial-contemporary kitchen is also smart. Its compact design makes it ideal for small or shared spaces. It evokes quality and current trends in an unpolished shell and this allows it to stand out and to explore its functionality without also focusing on secondary features.


Wood, metal and glass are combined in various ways, resulting in a design that stands out with its original and contrasting personality. The aged effect is particularly noticeable in the case of the metal structures but also on the laminated wood elements.


The kitchen uses a series of elements completely designed by Snadeiro. One of them is the Snadeiro container which is basically a sort of room within a room. It offers three different solutions when it comes to internal equipment, including a laundry function, a pantry and a mixed option. It allows easy organization of everything included.


The two hoods included in the design were also designed by Snadeiro. One of them is the Oslo hood which has a design inspired by the Northern European landscape and which evokes a suburban loft atmosphere. The other is the St. Louis hood and it has a more professional, urban character.


The LOFT kitchen leaves plenty of room for customization. For example, the units/ cabinets come in four different sizes and their doors can feature three different textures. They include the cooking and washing equipment.