Loft Hamburg from Graft Adds Modernity to Your Interiors

Modern Lofts have the potential to change the appearance as well as the utility of a house and the Hamburg Loft from GRAFT for client Vanessa Kullmann tells us exactly why Lofts can work their magic.

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This Hamburg Loft has added everything to the house making good use of the space by accommodating a wood veneer kitchen, a half bath and some built-in shelves whose surfaces blend immaculately into the wall angles. The loft cost the client $200,000 but it’s worth the price given the warmth this loft adds by using materials like stone and wood.

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Irregular and strange shapes seem to be more and more appreciated. It’s something about them that make them very appealing and interesting. So it’s a very wide-spread idea and there are many pieces that incorporate this concept. For example, take a look at this place. It’s modern and original and that’s because of all those artistic lines that are present everywhere in the house.

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The walls are irregular and asymmetrical, the furniture is the same, and the overall image is very beautiful and modern. This is an idea that anyone can adopt. All you need is a professional opinion, financial resources and plenty of space. The thing about these structures is that they are very easy to adapt to any location and structure.{found on ifitshipitshere}.