Loft apartment located in Bratislava on the 12th floor

Usually when you live in an apartment, the biggest problem is  space. If you have large rooms, you have to give up storage spaces. And if you prefer the other way around, you will always complain about your crowded rooms. Well, you can solve this problem if you own some extra space in the exterior, like a terrace or something like that. In Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia there is an apartment designed by Prague-based studio Atelier SAD, which avoided this major problem only by switching some rooms and creating a few optical illusions.

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Located on the 12th floor of a multi-functional flat built in 1998, the apartment has a 108 m2 living area and the additional space, a 151 m2 terrace.  To enlarge the living room and to make a connection between the inside and the outside, designers moved the kitchen and extended the roof and walls, so they brought the terrace inside. The result was a minimalist apartment, a space where the owners can enjoy spending time in an open space, looking at the beautiful decorations or at the beautiful view from outside.

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To maximize the space, the house has only a few doors, to separate de living room from other living and entertaining  facility  with  barbeque and wooden Jacuzzi. Here is also the kitchen, a small space elegant decorated with minimalist objects and a sauna near it. The bedroom is simple, but comfortable, like the bathroom, a room with plenty of light and white surfaces. Seeing this apartment, I suppose it is suitable for a young, nonconformist couple who doesn’t need so much intimacy and loves to spend time with friends and family.