Local Globe Time Clock

The progress made in the development of the means of transport seems to have shrunken space, so now you can get from one place to another on the opposite side of the world in a matter of hours. We fixed this, but we can’t fix the problem with the perception of time when you have to travel over so much land and also have to adjust to different local hours. It is incredible that you leave Greece at noon and arrive in Paris or London in the morning, actually earlier if you look at the local time. It is almost like traveling in time. This Local Time Clock is illustrative for my thoughts, as it shows the dial like a blue Earth with white continents and silver clock arms pointing at the hour.

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The clock arms end with two beautiful shiny aircrafts that seem to fly over the globe in an attempt to chase time. You do not need any numbers to show you the hour and minute because you will infer it from the context, as you are already used to their positioning beforehand. I guess this item is the perfect gift for a friend or boyfriend that lives on a different time and also an amazingly beautiful home accessory since it looks just like a peace of heaven with fluffy white clouds in between. The item can be bought now for $49.99 from Mod Cloth.