Lobster And Shelly Lounge Chairs By Oluf Lund and Eva Paarmann

The ocean has offered furniture designers many inspiring ideas. For example, maybe you remember the octopus chair, a very artistic and impressive piece of furniture. Based on a similar concept but with a much simpler designer, Oluf Lund and Eva Paarmann have created the Lobster and Shelly lounge chairs

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As their names clearly suggest, these chairs have been inspired by the creatures of the ocean. They have simple and classical designs and they offer a selection of veneer finishes. With these unusual pieces of furniture you’ll be able to bring the ocean inside your home. The lounge chairs would be perfect for a beach house where you could use them on the terrace or deck as well as inside. Their designs make them comfortable while maintaining a simple and elegant look.

The chairs have chrome plated steel bases on which you can easily spin and adjust your orientation. They are produced only in Denmark. The designs of the chairs have been created using a molded beach shell. You can choose from walnut, oak and Aniline veneer. They are both very comfortable, with shapes that follow the human body’s contour. The exterior has a very smooth and continuous design and the veneer gives it an elegant look. The upholstery may differ in color and the choices include neutral shades to match the elegance and simplicity of the shell. The chromed steel bases give the chairs a modern allure and this makes them versatile.