Living room makeover in 3 months

Everyone reaches a point in their life when the same old home they live in seems a little too old and boring. That’s when you can either move out or start a makeover. Usually a makeover is cheaper and less disturbing. Let’s take a look at this living room that has recently suffered a makeover and now has a brighter look.

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The room was redesigned by Alison Royer that basically changed just about anything but still managed to come up with a similar design with obvious improvements. The biggest change was the color change. The dark ceilings have been turned into bright elements that help form a fresh new look. And in order to create continuity and uniformity, the same color from the ceiling beams has also been used for the window frames and has also been replicated in some decorative items like the pillows and the furniture.

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The new living room is a combination of traditional and modern elements that peacefully coexist. The new colors used are part of a neutral palette. The walls have been painted white while the furniture features tones of brown, beige and combinations of these two. The new look is elegant and fresh and it was achieved in three months. This is just an example that shows you how you can transform your old room into anything you want. You can sue this as inspiration.{foundon designsponge}